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periods. nsaids, including celebrex, increase the chance of serious skin or allergic reactions or stomach a intestine problems, such as bleeding and cers, which can occur without warning and may cause death. patients also taking aspirin and the eldey are at incrsed risk for stoch bleeding and ulcers. do not take celebrex if you've had an asthma attack, hives, or other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulfonamides. get help rightway if you have swelng of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. >> chris: chilling new developments into the investigation and one of deadliest shootings in u.s. history. the death toll stands at 28. 27 of the victims. er on the gunman. welcome to brand-new hour. i'm rick folbaum.
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>> jamie: i'm jamie colby. we're learning new information about the gunman. adam a lanza who is the suspect in this case did force his way into school in contrary to earlier reports. they are not able to find a connection between the mother and school. it had been reported she was a teacher or substitute teacher but not true. the community there has suffered unspeakable pain. the residents of newtown, connecticut are overcome with grief and wondering if their life will ever return to normal. >> it's unbelievably terrible. we have our kids this morning and our closest friends have their kids this morning. it's the people that don't. >> we know a friend that knows the principal and all the little
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kids. it doesn't feel like it happened. >> you don't see them -- like 9/11, you'll see them come together. they will pull together. mark my word. it's a good town. >> rick: mike is live in newtown we heard from that gentleman. its good town. how are the people doing today? >> they are trying to get their arms about what happened as the innocent of this town has been shattered. st. rose a catholic church has been a focal point for the grieving. they go into the sanctuary to pray. the people in the town have begun ribbons of blue and gold on them and sadly familiar the
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makeshift memorials have been popping up all over town, as this town is small enough that just about everyone here knows someone who was lost in the tragedy. >> a neighbor down the street lost a little boy, a six-year-old. a good friend of mine found out his son was lost on baseball team. i don't get it. >> reporter: parents say the focus is now on the kids trying to explain this to them in such a way they can come out of this stronger. it's very difficult task when the parents themselves can't make sense of what happened here. >> rick: there are professionals that specialize in this and grief counselors. talk about the services that are being made available to there. >> as much as you have the
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community coming together. you do have grief counseling and the grief counseling is divided into two different sections. one for adults and one for the children. with the children they have therapy dogs to help the kids get comfortable. they have people from all over the nation and sent things like toys, stuffed animals so the kids can get comfortable so they can talk about what they saw and experienced and try to get their arms around this terrible situation here. >> rick: mike tobin live, thanks so much. >> jamie: the chaos and horror of the unfolding tragedy captured in police dispatch case. >> caller is indicating she thinks there is somebodyoting i. >> the front glass -- i'm not sure why...
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>> jamie: the investigation into this tragedy is in the earliest stages but according to the calls it may have taken a few minutes for a gowns kill so many at that school. >> rick: three minutes. grief counselors are on hand and offering support to victims' families. a spokesman for the police giving reaction to the shootings. >> its terrible tragedy. it's work that we need to do and get done. we are providing our people with support, with counseling as we can. certainly this is a huge, huge tragedy for everybody. it breaks our hearts that the families are going through what they are going through. it's just an atrocious tragedy.
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>> jamie: here is one of the stories to come out. heartbroken father speaking out about six-year-old son killed yesterday in first grade classroom. 50-year-old neil dropped his little boy off at school. he told the "new york post", he went into the school happily. he planned to return later in the afternoon and had plans to make gingerbread houses that day. watching his son running into the building was the last time he ever saw him. the son loved animals, math and was very happy little boy. we're also hearing stories of bravery. several staff members at the school reportedly sacrificed themselves to save their lives as many students as they could. including in that the amazing story of principal dawn huxburn. colleagues say she never
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hesitated. she ran straight for the gunman and that move ended up costing her life. her friend a library clerk says her death will be devastating to the community. >> we had a book fair a few weeks ago. she was reading fairy and went around the classroom and she was an amazing woman. she was strong and fun. the kids loved her. she was really wonderful woman. it's a huge loss. when you think about how the school and leadership she was the person that most could have done that. >> jamie: clearly she loved that school so much. she is also the principal that beefed up security in the school. she leaves behind a husband, two daughters and three step-children. her acts truly heroic. >> rick: i long with the
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principal we know of two other staff members who died. victoria soto, a young first grade teacher hid children in closets and confronted the gunman herself telling her there were no kids in the classroom. 56-year-old mary sherlock. she ran into the hallway along with the principal to confronted the shooter. it's believed they were the gunman's first two victims. as we continue to learn more about the deadly school shooting. we want to take back a look at yesterday's event. >> evil visited this community today. >> a call came into dispatch. police officers and resources from all over the state raced to that area as they converged on the school. [ siren ] >> children obviously were very shaken and crying in the closet.
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when they were leaving, they were told to hold hands and told close their eyes. >> they have their entire lives ahead of them, birthdays, graduations, weddings. >> my gym teacher was said to get against the wall and everybody started panicking. >> it doesn't even seem real. it seems impossible. >> i kept hearing booming noises. [ siren ] >> i heard all this stuff going on. >> the kids were terrified. they were terrified. this had just witnessed something and they were terrified.
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>> it's the most frightening thing i've ever been through. >> may god bless the memory of the victims and heal the brokenhearted and bind up their wounds. >> u.s. flag flying half-staff across the country as we take a look at live pictures. president obama ordering flag to be lowered through next tuesday. >> jamie: there is a lot more to talk about. we're going discuss school safety. should it be improved? could it have prevented this tragedy, straight ahead. the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone...but her
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>> rick: fox news alert. news from connecticut we're learning that hillary clinton is recovering from a concussion after she fainted earlier this week. right now the secretary is at home we're told being monitored by doctors. she has been under the weather fighting a nasty stomach virus that caused her to cancel an overseas trip.
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james rosen has more. >> greetings from washington where secretary of state clinton had cancelled an overseas trip that was to take her to north africa and mideast. clinton has been suffering what aides have been describing as a vicious stomach virus. cancellation of the trip was unusual for the vigorous 65 years old that logged more flight miles than any secretary of state. assistant secretary of state said in a statement ironed todd, i quote, while suffering from a stomach virus, secretary clinton became dehydrated and fainted. she has been recovering at home and will continue to be monitored regularly by her doctors. at their recommendation she will continue to work from home staying in regular contact with officials. she is looking forward being back into the office soon. earlier this week reporters cautioned department spokeswoman
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about the headlines around the world she would create when she first mentioned that the secretary was, quote, really very ill. >> she has a very uncomfortable stomach virus. in any of you know that is not comfortable. >> it is not life-threatening. >> it is not. it is not life-threatening. >> she has not been working. she is trying to recover. >> reporter: with this news that secretary clinton be testifying next week on capitol hill about the events in benghazi. back to you in new york. >> rick: just in regarding the testimony that was expected from the secretary on capitol hill, we're hearing from the chairwoman of the house foreign affairs committee of florida who is saying while she certainly sorry that secretary clinton is sick, she still expects her to testify in person in front of
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the house committee. we'll keep following this story and bring you more as we get it. >> jamie: the tragedy at sandy hook elementary is shining a light on school safety. that school had reportedly installed a new security system and did conduct regular lockdown drills. despite the precautions, the gunman still found and forced his way in according to authorities. joining me is a former detective and tom, it's time that we call you to ask you as parents and americans we can do to keep our kids safer. could it have been prevented? >> no. there are certain events that happen in this world. we have very sick people, evil people around this world who are looking to do harm. we can't protect everything. you can't protect the president of the united states every
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moment of the day. so what to we do looking forward? we look towards each experience that happened. from columbine we know that police waited too long. now, they have the active shooter program where police respond in a quick way and goes in teams of two to stop what is happening. it happened at a mall in portland and it happened yesterday. a shooting took three minutes. >> jamie: it's hard for people to fathom, one person can walk in with a number of weapons and shoot so many people to death in such a short period of time. how well-trained would this suspect, this shooter have to be? >> not that well-trained. you are shooting sitting ducks. you are shooting little kids in the classroom. how well do you have to be trained? let's talk about what went right yesterday. he had to fight his way into the
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school. for a small community, 25,000, 30,000 people had sophisticated systems that we know in schools or in institutions today. he had to fire his way in. at the point in time he got in, there were teachers and conversation on studio "b" about miss martin. how about the unsung heros that nestled their kids and lock down the kids. most schools around this country and learning institutions, colleges practice these drills. there is the robo calling where not only you are alerting the other teachers but you are alerting the parents and local officials. then the police responded in hundreds within minutes. >> jamie: all of that went right. let me ask you about other schools. schools that have installed metal detectors. is it worth it?
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>> if you feel you need a metal detector, it is another way. could this guy have fired with a metal detector. >> the entrance that has the metal detecter. >> if someone let's him in a different way, relative to this, there is going to be tragedies, events that happen in this country we're not going to be able to get our heads around. >> jamie: you can look someone in the eye and have an evil deed. should we, many parents are calling for trained armed professional at the door of the school. should we invest in that if we are able? >> if you feel the need, yes. look at new york city. new york city has whole division that protects our schools, has metal detectors, has a commanding officer that protects our schools. looking forward we had a principal yesterday from all
12:22 pm
reports who ran towards this man and tried to wrestle him down and tried to stop him. she lost her life. that could have very easily happened to an armed officer. we know from our history that armed people are a deterrent but we have to look what we are going to learn from this incident to make our institutions safer. >> jamie: do you think teachers should be able to bear arms? >> i don't think it will make that big of a difference. the teachers that nestled the kids in the classroom, and access card systems is what is going to protect our schools better. >> jamie: thanks for helping us to keep our kids safe. >> let's say a prayer. >> rick: they are helping the
12:23 pm
families of victims. peter johnson, jr. spoke with had him. he talked about a conversation he had with a little boy who lost his sister. >> you know, i started talking with him. he said to me, i don't have anybody to play with anymore. i have lost my best friend. i said to him, that god is going to send you some wonderful new friends. you don't have to be afraid. you always have your sister in your heart. i said to him, she is very safe and she is with god. we talked about what heaven was like and he realized she was going to be happy and safe. it was shortly after that he broke down into tears. >> rick: can't even imagine. he has been working tirelessly gathering with parents at a local firehouse on friday experiencing the joy of them of
12:24 pm
them being reunited with their children and then receiving terrible news that some are not coming back. there is a free with a cross in memory of each of the victims. >> rick: it's very --. >> jamie: it's very hard to report for all of us. straight ahead we're going to have a live update from the school shooting and a former profiler will give us insight into a mass murderer you can't call it anything other than the masses murderer. investigators are still searching for motive, why? this holiday, share everything. share "not even close." share "you owe me..."
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share "just right." the share everything plan. sharable data across 10 devices with unlimited talk and text. get a droid razr m by motorola for $49.99.
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anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yeah. one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. approved! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'. campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. >>. >> jamie: we're waiting for another news conference to get underway in newtown so we can learn new details about this
12:29 pm
tragedy, but in the meantime, we have learned new details about the gunman and his family. some of the events that may have led up to yesterday's shooting. molly is joining us in newtown, connecticut. this is all developing but some of the information has changed. what can you tell us? >> reporter: absolutely. first off we have seen some of the state police and police officers moving into the scene here. we may be having that briefing shortly. the information that has changed most significantly, reports from federal authorities that the person that was shot by her son was not, mother that was shot did not work at the school. initial reports that she was teacher in one of classrooms that had been shot up during the massacre. another piece of information is three weapons were found inside of the building instead of two. initially been a report the
12:30 pm
third weapon had been found in the shooter's car. now, we are getting reports there were three weapons found inside the school and other guns were found back at the mother's house. the guns inside the school that authorities believe were used were registered to the shooter's mother, nancy. when it comes to the shooter himself, federal authorities are saying he it is believed he suffered from asperinger's syndrome. as investigators were beginning this investigation, have not been in touch with him for years. that the family was estranged from adam, at least the father and brother were estranged. those are the latest details that have changed most significantly. as the next briefing gets underway we'll get more. >> jamie: i appreciate that. let's listen in as we get more
12:31 pm
information. >> we begin this afternoon. i would like to introduce you the first select woman of the newtown, pat. >> good afternoon everyone. i have comments on behalf of the town gov fans. newtown has suffered a horrendous tragedy. a calm that has broken our hearts. our wound is deep because we are a close-knit community. we truly care for each other. we are coming together with love and supported for those families who have suffered this terrible loss. we are a strong and caring place. we will put around those families and around each other. we will find a way to heal so all of our residents, young and old, will find peace. i ask that you help us in this process.
12:32 pm
please treat our community with kindness. please know that we have suffered a terrible loss and we need your respect on this healing journey. i turn to you as parents, as siblings, as caring people to know that your words and your actions can help us on this healing journey or you can hinder us. i want to take a moment to thank all the support we have received from the governor's office, from the state police, from many clinicians and clergy, from the outreach across the nation and across the world. i think we were all touched by the magnitude of this tragedy. i thank you very much to listening to my message. i hope you take my comments to heart. thank you. my name is spelled, llodra,
12:33 pm
pronouncesed lo-dra. i'm the first select man of this community. first name is patricia. >> the second gentleman that has been working very hard in this process with the identification and examination. i would like to introduce you the state of connecticut medical examiner, dr. h.wayne carver? >> first of all on behalf of my wife and my sons and behalf of my other family our people we wish to extend our deepest sympathies to the families and everyone else who has been so hurt by this event. our thoughts and our prayers are with you. the medical examiner's office
12:34 pm
got here, chief medical examiner got here a couple hours after the building was secured. we were there until approximately 12:30 last night. we thanked the emergency services that built us a temporary facility in the parking lot. we took identification, photographs and did preliminary identification on all the victims and had everybody transported back to farmington by about 1:00 in the morning. our entire staff turned out, started the post more tell examinations. we completed the children by about 1:30. i believe everybody except the assailant and his mother will be finished tonight.
12:35 pm
i'll do those tomorrow morning. lieutenant and staff have the names and dates of birth. that will be distributed -- i hope you have enough copies. everybody's death was caused by gunshot wounds. obviously the manner of death on all these cases is homicide. >> how many medical examiners worked? >> i have four doctors. i think all ten of my technicians both full timers and
12:36 pm
part timers were there. one student from the university. this was her first day. the majority of our investigative staff was working on this at some point whether they were with us last night or on the job today. i think a lot of our clerical, what they call processing people were there. they are up on the second floor but i didn't get there today. did everybody hear the question? dealing with what i deal with all the time, is this one over the top.
12:37 pm
i have been at this over a third of the century. i may not be average but this probably is the worst i have seen or the worst that i know of any of my colleagues having seen. that all the more makes me proud and grateful to our staff who have behaved most professionally and strongly. i hope they and i hope the people of newtown don't...
12:38 pm
>> i couldn't answer that but all the wounds that i know of at this point were caused by the long weapon. >> the rifle, what caliber? >> the question was what caliber were these bullets. i probably know about firearms than most pathologists but if i say in it court they yell at me and don't make me answer. i will let the police deal with that for you. >> how about the nature of the wounds, close range, were the children why shot from across the wound? >> i only did seven of the autopsies. victims i had ranged from three to 11 wounds apiece and only saw two of them with close range shooting. that is a sample. i really don't have detailed information on the rest of the
12:39 pm
injuries. >> it was a long rifle that was used? >> yes. >> i'm lucky i can tell you how many i found. i don't know. there were lots of them. okay. this type of weapon is the bullets are designed in such a fashion that the energy, this is very clinical but the energy is deposited in the tissue so the bullets are there. it's always a difficult question and obviously i don't have -- i
12:40 pm
don't have detailed information on all of them. this is very devastating set of injuries. the best of my ability to answer that question which is always less than perfect, if so not for very long. all the ones -- i believe so, yes. we did not bring the bodies and families into contact. we took pictures of them of the facial features. it's easier on the families when you do that. there is a time and place in the grieving process. but to accomplish this we thought it would be best to do
12:41 pm
it this way. you can control the situation depending on your photographer. i have very good photographers. no, i don't. >> how young was the youngest and how old was the oldest? >> you are going to have look at the spreadsheet. everybody i saw, i believe they were all first graders. >> i don't know yet. i'll examine it tomorrow morning. i don't think so. i have not seen it yet.
12:42 pm
okay the company will deal with that, phone company is going to handle that one. we discussed this briefly with the staff before i came here. there was, i believe, everybody was hit more than once. >> the nature of the shooting was there a lot of care taken.... >> very difficult question to answer. >> as far as the wounds. >> it's really, you think after the thousand of people that are
12:43 pm
shot, i could answer that question. if i attempted to answer it in it court there would be an objection and they would win. >> they were wearing cute kid stuff. it's the kind of stuff you would send your kids or grandkids out the door to first grade in. they were similar to those with the children. >> the doctor, that you did the autopsy, where on the bodies was the wounds? >> all over. all over. pardon? i have not examined her yet. that will be tomorrow morning.
12:44 pm
i'll let the scene guys address that issue. obviously i was at the scene and i'm experienced in that but there are people number one professionals, i'll let them comment. >> the bodies that you examined, seven? >> that is just the ones i did. i think the guys at the crime scene. >> can you describe how you did the autopsies. >> our goal was to get the kids out and available to tot funeral directors first well, obviously.
12:45 pm
>> how many boys and how many girls? >> i don't know. >> were you emotional at any point where you had to...? >> not yet. yeah, there have been times in my career for reasons i don't appreciate going into a locker room and assaulting. if you don't have to do that you shouldn't be in this business. for this one, not yet -- notice i said yet. all right folks, thank you very much. i hope y'all put this on your calendar because in 31 years, as
12:46 pm
chief medical examiner, this is only the second press conference i've given. it's h. wayne carver and it's the second. that is why i don't use the h. because when my father, my grandfather, he said fine as long as you never call him harold. >> did they sent up a tent? >> it wasn't a tent. it was this thing. it's sectional and it sticks together with velcro and electricity and lights. it's from the department of emergency management. think it came from the army. it's what they use for setup
12:47 pm
field hospitals really quickly. i don't know. not terrys have been called. -- mortuarys have been called. the paperwork has been done. funeral homes call us and as soon as the paperwork is done we call them back. that process was completed for the children that were done. >> to where? >> our office in farmington. we have transport vehicles. >> how many vehicles? >> we have three vehicles and a lot of guys to drive them. >> are le they advance? >> actually one the highlights of my administration is that we make them as nondescript and unmarked as possible.
12:48 pm
we started out at 6:00. i don't have the differential. >> jamie: for anyone that is listening, this is most difficult press conference i've ever watched. this is the medical examiner that evaluated the scene and portage facility was set up at the school. he evaluated personally seven of these children doing a post more tell and described in devastating detail how their lives were taken. innocent lives by as many as 11 wounds each. they were clearly homicides. he said it wasn't probably one of the worst tasks he has. he has 31 years' experience and all these children they
12:49 pm
photographed they chose to do it that way rather than having direct between them and their parents. let's listen to the authorities. >> the two additional post more tell examinations will be conducted tomorrow doctor post-mortem examinations will be done tomorrow. as i stated. we are asking privacy for the families as we stated before. colonel has in fact assigned a trooper and officers to each family to provide an open line of communication to them from us. there will be the families at all times in an effort to instill privacy. we do have a list of the deceased. i ask you to share. we'll put it up on our website if you don't get one. we should be handing out and please take one per unit. if you don't get one, it will be
12:50 pm
on the website within the hour. any search engines that will connect you to the state police website. understanding please this is still an active case. we are still actively pursuing leads and anticipate to do so for the next 48 hours. sir? we didn't discuss the location of any of the weaponry at all. there has been speculation out there relative to the location of the weapons. we would like to do that when we have additional information to give to you about the caliber, about the ownership. i'm going to hold that question until probably tomorrow morning. >> what can you talk about previous altercation if if b the gunman? >> i have to get that information for you. i don't know. there has been talk and
12:51 pm
speculation about that, but in conversations with the superintendent and authorities here in town. there is no information about any confrontation. that is certainly something we need to look at. our investigators will begin look at the layers and answer all those questions in their investigations. again, we'll have to examine that, sir. >> did the altercation happened or there is no information? >> we have no reports filed of any altercation involving the individual in the school. i can tell you we have not officially identified him at this time. until positive identification we can't discuss any of the facts and circumstances of a deceased.
12:52 pm
yes, sir. speaking with superintendent there was no relation at all. one more question. it's very important to note. i would be neglectful not to mention this, support from people in the community but especially in the community of newtown has been outstanding. the support outside of the community has been more than outstanding. outpouring of assistance and outpouring of help as newtown police are involved and federal authorities and other local police departments. other para professionals. they are all here and supported the family. we will have and provided support for the first responders
12:53 pm
fires, police, ems. we'll continue to do that and continue to do that as long as necessary. i'm simply going to say you this is the last briefing for today. we'll be here tomorrow morning. i'll give you any updates tomorrow morning. but there will be no more briefings. if anything were to to break i would direct you to our website. we will post it on our website. wee don't anticipate anything as our investigators continue our work. no, there is nothing more today, nothing morality all. we don't know, sir. i can't discuss. that i'll provide copies. i have some. kelly grant is back there with other copies. >> rick: joining us now is woman who has studied infamous killers charles whitman and unibomber and disappearance of natalee
12:54 pm
holloway. that was quite an extraordinary press conference. as you listened with your background but the police lieutenant, medical examiner, the kinds of injuries they sustained and weapon used to inflict these injuries, what do you take away? >> the information that they were putting out really takes your breath away. what he said was that these injuries were extremely severe. they were tissue injuries. the a.m. mission did extensive damage. the victims were shot from three to 11 times. he didn't explain, he said the injuries were all over. the injuries were inflicted what i understand him to say, was which really tells me that he
12:55 pm
was very intent on making sure, it's difficult to say, he was making sure that his victims died. he wanted them dead. that is someone who went there with the intent to kill as many people as he could. it's really stunning. >> rick: it is stunning. assault rifle was originally reported to have been left in the car. he used it as his primary weapon. a weapon that i'm guessing more suitable for military combat. here he was first grade classroom. what does it say as a profiler to you that his main primary target were young children? >> there are number of things that that says. none of them are good. he goes into a school with very vulnerable victims, children that would not know what to do,
12:56 pm
not know how to respond. they are helpless and they are contained in a classroom. so he assured himself he was going to be able to kill a maximum number of people. i think it was certainly one of his motives. from his perspective and we'll learn more as the investigation continues, the idea that these young people were objects to him becomes more and more important to me. to be able to do this with so many people with that kind of weapon with those kinds of injuries going from child to child, it would be absolutely essential he would view these victims not as human beings but as objects. where do you develop that as a human being? that is total different discussion. that is what really strikes me listening to the extent of those very horrible injuries.
12:57 pm
>> rick: dr. mary ellen o'toole, author of a book called "dangerous instincts." >> jamie: next briefing will be tomorrow morning. any nay developments we'll get on fox news channel. i'm jamie colby. >> rick: i'm rick folbaum. thanks for joining us everybody. ♪ constipated? yeah. mm. some laxatives like dulcolax can cause cramps. but phillips' caplets don't. they have magnesium. for effective relief of occasional constipation. thanks. [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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